If You’re Reading This: Take That Risk. Get Uncomfortable.

People often applaud my courage to put myself in uncomfortable situations. Ya know, like moving across the country with no savings account and no friends. Or traveling across the world alone (sorry mom and dad).

I’m not going to pretend that life doesn’t freak me out at times, but I’ve just always been a dreamer and a planner and a doer. Growing up, I always felt like I was surrounded by people who were fine with being comfortable. I felt like I lived in a bubble. I wanted more.

Fast forward to me accepting a full time position in San Francisco in 2017. I had already begun to value being uncomfortable, but I had noooo idea what I was getting myself into.

The first few months in this brand new place were rough. I wasn't sure how I fit in this city. I wondered if I had made the right decision.

Being uncomfortable set the stage for me to push myself. Find myself. Show up for myself. It became a beautiful experience of being ok with just figuring life out as I went. It pushed me to do life differently.

I started trusting myself before anyone else when it came to my own happiness. I got to know myself because I spent so much (sooo much) time alone. I grew into myself. I got a chance to learn what ticked me off and what made me happy.

I soon started making friends and creating relationships and moments that I’ll always cherish. I started to feel at home here. In this brand new, veryyyy different place. Most importantly, I feel in love with my relationship with myself.

I guess this is my long of telling you to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. Risks are always going to be risks, but you’ll never understand the real reward if you don’t take the leap. I won’t sell you a dream about how perfect life can be when you take risks. It can suck sometimes. But I think it’s important to shake things up to understand how you can handle the pressure. We know pressure makes diamonds of whatever, so take some time to get to know yourself. Figure out what makes your soul happy.


Make that move.

Go to dinner alone.

Quit that job you hate.

Shoot that shot in their DMs. Lol.

Take that solo trip.

Buy that ticket to that concert that no one else can go to.

Apply for that position you don’t think you’re qualified for.

No matter the reward, you’ll emerge a new you. If you’re reading this, take that risk.