Here's Why You Should Take a Solo Trip.

Since my solo trip to Bali, Indonesia, the most frequently asked questions in my life are about female solo travel. And yea, I get it. I had a lot of questions too. There are many things I love about traveling solo. Fear shouldn't be a factor when you're well prepared.

You're a little scared to go abroad solo?

We can fix that.

We can fix... you.

(Please, please, please tell me you caught that reference.)

So grab a glass of wine (or water?) and get comfortable. Let's chat about why you should solo travel.

Don't wait for your friends to live your best life.

Unlimited PTO was a major factor in signing on to my current job. Believe it or not. lol.

Once I realized that my friends' lives and schedules won't always align with mine, I realized it was time to start planning things on my own. I couldn't wait for other people to seize my opportunity to see the world.

Traveling alone alows you to do what you want. There's no bother with sending airbnbs or activities to your group message and getting no response (or tooooo many different opinions). We all have those friends. You have the opportunity to plan your own itinerary and schedule. You plan what you want to do and how you want to do it. You plan if you want to explore and move fast or if you just want to take it slow and relax.

There's peace and power in solitude.

Solo travel allows you to see new places through a different lens. When I'm alone, I realize how chill and at peace I am. There are no crazy schedules with dinner reservations or making sure everyone has enough time to shower in the 1 bathroom you have. It allows time to be present and to just enjoy your surroundings. You can take in things and experiences that you might not be able to when you're with others.

I grew up as an only child, so I was used to spending my time at home curled up reading a book or writing in a journal. When I was 22, I moved to California, over 2 thousand miles away from everyone I knew. When I got to this new city, I quickly realized that I'd have to do certain things alone. Somehow I found power in that.

Spending extended time with yourself in a new place also allows for self reflection. I've always been an advocate of spending time with yourself, because solitude brings peace and clarity. Solitude allows you to feel comfortable with being imperfect in that moment. No one is around to question or judge.

Practice being alone, by simply being alone. You can do this with journaling or taking yourself on a lunch date.

You can choose when you're alone and when you're social.

About two weeks after moving across the country, there was a SZA concert that I was dying to go to. Since I basically knew no one, I decided to just go alone. This was a top tier life decision. I went alone, met 2 girls standing next to me, and we sang and drank (and such. lol.) together the entire time.

Going somewhere solo doesn't mean you're always alone. There are always opportunities to meet people, like me at the SZA concert. Travel allows you to be able to do life at your own pace, while being able to meet new people and be social when you feel like it.

Figure out what you want most out of a trip. You don't HAVE to travel solo.

For some people (like me), travel may be about relaxation, peace, new cultures, and inspiration. For some, it might just be about turning up with your friends. Both are fine.

Don't let the internet make you think that you have to do something that you may not enjoy or be comfortable with. I do, however, encourage you to do some reflecting and figure out why you would be uncomfortable with being alone.

So, book that flight sis (or bro). Let me know how it goes.

What are your thoughts on solo travel? What's been your best solo traveling experience? Do you have any questions on solo travel? Let me know in the comments!