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From toxic media blogs to political commentary to viral tiktoks, content is everywhere. With so much content out there, it can be hard to filter out all the noise. The content we consume online affects our perspective on the world, so it’s up to us to make sure the content we consume regularly is feeding our soul.

Hate it or love it (mostly we hate it), Instagram’s algorithm is programmed to show content on your feed and explore pages that they deem you’re interested in, aka content and pages you’ve previously engaged with. This is tricky (but not really?) because if you find yourself consuming celebrity gossip or lurking on your ex’s new boo’s page, you’ll get shown that type of (draining) content. On the contrary, if you’re consuming content that you’re into - photography, street style, shoes, beauty, travel - you’ll be shown more content that brings you joy. Simple concept, amiright?

I don’t know about you, but my favorite content is typically some form of Black people living their best lives. Or something educational and dope about Black culture. Or even tips on self care and living a full life. It’s often inspiring, aesthetically pleasing, beautifully shot, and leaves me feeling full - not jealous, angry, or empty. It’s important to add the creators are just as important as the words, photos, and videos, etc. they produce for the world, and it’s just as important for me to amplify their voices and platforms. So here I go.

Here is a list of really dope, perfectly curated, aesthetically pleasing Instagram pages that will have your timeline poppin’ AND leave your soul happy.

For Travel Inspo:


If you aren’t following Travel Noire, what are you doing?!?! @travelnoire curates a gorgeous feed of Black people exploring the world. From places we know like Bali to hidden gems like Myanmar, this page gives us a lens into places we dream of. They also regularly posts tips, travel guides, and more to get your travel planning juices flowing.


Wind Collective is a travel community and creative group that creates highly aesthetically pleasing adventures & content. So I have to stan. You can join their community by following along during their adventures or you can get on a payment plan and go along (literally) yourself. Either way, you’re sure to be inspired.

For Feel Good Content:


Images of Black love can be few and far between, so this page was created with the intention of putting them at the forefront. With memes for days of Black women (me) and their baes (somebody’s son), this page is filled with hella feels.


Memes aside, Black Love aims to “build community + conversations around healthy relationships!” They post #flashbackfridays of your favorite celebrity couples and tons of user generated content of beautiful Black couples. Love to see it.

For Black Wellness:


With memes, relatable tweets, and beautiful pictures of gals galore, @transparentblackgirl just - gives you the feels. With a focus on mental health and wellness, this page inspires by being both relatable and authentic. It normalizes emotions and “not being okay”, while creating community amongst Black women who just want to BE. Peacefully. Transparently.


Whether you aren’t quite ready for therapy yet, or it’s too expensive to commit to, or you just want good vibes on your timeline every now and then, make your way to @therapyforblackgirls. Their feed is curated with tips and resources for wellness and mindfullness. They even host a directory of Black female therapists across the country on their website.

For Creative Inspo:


Asiyami might have been one of the first Black female creators that I genuinely fell in love with. She takes (effing beautiful) travel photography and videography and seamlessly pairs it with storytelling (and amazing style) to create an engaging and fascinating feed. Here African roots are rich, and I love how she celebrates and elevates her home country of Nigeria. She inspires me to stay creative and get out and see the world with every. single. post.


Enocha is another OG creative that I’ve admired as long as I can remember. She works to capture gorgeous lifestyle creative in California and around the world, and her editing is top notch. Her creativity pairs so well with her sweet and funny personality. The cherry on top for me is that although she works with major brands, she always makes sure to highlight and champion Black owned small business. What more can you ask for?????


Skylar and I have never met, but through her storytelling and travel photography, I feel like we’re friends because I'm always rooting for her. Her feed and instastories ooze with creativity and intention: the recipe for really dope content. She even has a “Social Sauce” newsletter that gives tips and resources on how to make your own content more intentional and beautiful.

For a Things You Should Know:


I consider history to be a source of inspiration, especially Black history because it’s crazy to see how far we’ve come. This page currates vintage photography and film excerpts paired with stories, facts, and more things you should know. It’s a beautiful and fascinating way to have a quick daily history lesson.


Telling Black stories is important, and this page does it by connecting IG scrollers with literature. This page single handedly inspired me to pick up The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison last year and I fell back in love with reading. Reading has become a source of peace and self care for me.

I hope you leave here with ya timeline a little more poppin', and ya soul a little more full. Happy scrolling.