meet kay. 

hi, i'm Kalah.

         you can call me  kay

a budding media maven and content creator with

big hair & a bigger voice 

I am a lot of things:  

writer. creator. dreamer. visionary. explorer. traveler.

opinionated queen. expert thrifter. r&b music lover. harry potter connoisseur. advocate of living one’s best life. lover of black joy.

Mostly though, I'm a storyteller who creates content that centers self care & self preservation. This manifests through body positivity, beauty routines, a peaceful home, and travel. Her journey is about actively healing, finding joy, creating beautiful moments, pulling up a seat to the table, and exploring the world.

​The places I’ve been, the experiences I've had, the stories I've heard, the ways I self care, and the spaces I've occupied have become what feeds my soul - my soul food. I've bundled up what makes my soul happy and created this little pocket of musings called whatkaysays.

Mississippi raised and currently Cali living, I'm a paid social strategist for some cool clients by day, and I spend the rest of my time curating experiences that make my soul happy.  

In the meantime, catch me on Black Twitter @whatkaysays for musings & Insta @theikonickay for good vibes.


whatkaysays.com is food for the soul.


a digital diary and content hub exploring life, self care, travel, adventure, and Black culture. It’s a collection of stories, hacks on how to live your best life, and sources of inspiration that’ll make ya soul happy.


I hope you find something that keeps you coming back for more. 

the vision